Our Vehicles

Response Vehicle


Our fleet of Jeep Grand Cherokees provides our clients with the means of a rapid response, particularly with events which cover a larger geographical location.


Staff in these vehicles are able to provide a high level of care, with each vehicle equipped with an advanced level of specialist equipment able to cater for every patient presentation, until such time that a stretcher capable vehicle arrives on scene.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 


This High Acuity Patient Transport vehicle is stretcher capable, and has been custom built and is equipped with state-of-the-art patient monitoring and resuscitation equipment. This ensures that every patient receives the highest level of patient care from our staff.
Our sprinters have been designed to maximise working room, whilst at the same time maintaining optimal patient comfort. We have optioned in an extra seat in the rear of the vehicle, often allowing room for Mum and Dad whilst a younger patient is being assessed and managed.


Toyota LandCruiser Troopcarrier


Our stretcher capable 4WD Troopcarrier has been fitted for High Acuity Patient Transport, and is easily able to travel over rough terrain which is essential in accessing patients in difficult to access areas. It is ideal for motorsport based events that are located out of town.
This vehicle has been equipped with all of the necessary and relevant extraction equipment that may be required to be utilised for the patient and vehicle should the need arise.