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Ideal For:
Small Workplaces, Vehicles and Outdoor Activities.
> Ideal size for cars, utes, and trucks
> Useful belt loop for outdoor workers
> Great for outdoor recreational activities
> Tough nylon fabric
The Utility Kit is an ideal kit for cars, utes, and trucks, or where a compact comprehensive first aid kit is required.
50 Adhesive Fabric Strips
1 50mm Conforming Bandage
1 No 15 Wound Dressing
2 Antiseptic Wound Wipes (1% Cetrimide BP)
1 FAW Information Brochure
1 Eye pad
1 Pair of Nitrile Gloves
1 Small Plastic Bag
1 Medium Plastic Bag
1 Disposable CPR face Shield    1 1.25cm x5m Paper tape
1 Small Tweezers
1 Small Scissors
1 Disposable Splinter Probe
1 Packet of 12 Safety Pins
1 Magnifier
4 15ml Normal Saline Ampoules
1 Triangular Bandage
1 Whistle

Multi Purpose Utility Kit

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