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Seamlessly maintain and track the ZOLL AED 3 with Program Management Onboard™. Cloudconnect it to PlusTrac™, ZOLL’s online AED program management system, in a few minutes when you install your ZOLL AED 3.


Program Management Onboard will regularly report, upon completion of every automatic self-check, the status of your ZOLL AED 3. If the self-check detects a fault, PlusTrac will email you the details immediately.


You can also log in to your PlusTrac account at any time to review all the AEDs for which you are responsible, grouped by sites you manage, and showing training status of your volunteer responders.


PlusTrac makes AED program management seamless and easy, and Program Management Onboard allows your ZOLL AED 3 to maintain itself


With every ZOLL AED 3 purchased, the first year of Program Management Onboard coverage is totally free of charge. You can purchase additional years of Program Management Onboard coverage in increments of one or five years. When you extend PlusTrac coverage through your authorized ZOLL distributor, you will receive an official PlusTrac Certificate with a code that can be used to extend coverage for one or five more years.

PlusTrac Program Management (1 Year)

SKU: 8000-1110-01
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