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Ideal For:
Workplaces that have a high risk of burns; Factories, Restaurants, Engineering Workshops, Remote Workplaces.
> Wall Mountable
> Innovative easy to use burn treatment products
> Clothing cutters to rapidly remove clothing in an emergency
> Comprehensive maintenance checklist
The wall mountable Burns Kit is a comprehensive kit that contains a range of burn gel treatment products and dressings to rapidly cool the burn, prevent further tissue damage, aid the healing process, and offer rapid and ongoing pain relief.

The kit includes two waterproof detailed instruction cards for the basic first aid treatment of burns, polythene sheets, clothing cutters, and a comprehensive maintenance check list ensuring the burns kit remains serviceable.
2 Waterproof treatment cards
1 Polythene sheet – small
1 Polythene sheet – medium
1 Polythene sheet – large
2 Burn dressing 10 x 10
1 Burn dressing 20 x 20
8 Burn gel 3.5g sachets
4 Gauze bandage 7.5cm
12 Safety pins
4 Disposable nitrile gloves (2 pairs)
1 Clothing cutters

Wall Mountable Burns Kit

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