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Ideal For:
Workplaces that have a high risk of eye injuries, factories, engineering workshops, remote workplaces.
> Wall Mountable
> Innovative Irrigation Bottle Design
> Comprehensive maintenance check list
The wall mountable Eye Irrigation Kit is designed as a kit to assist in the eye irrigation treatment of eye injuries. The kit includes two 500ml bottles of Sodium Chloride that have an innovative eye irrigation piece attached, detailed first aid instructions, and a comprehensive maintenance checklist ensuring the Eye Irrigation kit remains serviceable.
This kit contains the new innovative Sodium Chloride 500ml Eye Wash Bottle (Order Code: NS500.)
2 Sodium Chloride 500ml Bottles
2 Eye Irrigation Piece
4 Eye Pads
1 Paper Dressing tape 25mm
2 Disposable nitrile gloves (1 pair)
1 First aid pamphlet

Wall Mountable Eye Irrigation Kit

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